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Space Acacia AirFloor™

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Acacia's heavy-duty 4-layer inflatable Air Floor, in tandem with our tent, elevates your camping experience, ensuring you no longer have to sleep on the ground.

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3 Year Warranty
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No More Sleeping On the Ground
Our Air Floor™, made with durable PVC material and a construction similar to pack rafts and inflatable SUPs, delivers luxurious comfort on any terrain from grass and gravel to roots and rocks.
Unrivaled Durability for Peace of Mind
Our heavy-duty Air Floor is crafted from four layers of ultra-durable materials. It is designed to the same specifications as expedition-grade inflatable kayaks and SUPs to withstand rocks and rugged terrain
Camp Beyond Land
The inflatable Air Floor transforms floating into a reality. Camp on tranquil waters and immerse yourself in the serenity of nature's beauty.
Floor Plan of two sizes
Space Acacia gives 2 people plenty of room. Bringing the whole family. Space Acacia XL provides a comfortable space for up to 4-6 people.
Floor Fabric
PVC Material with waterproof coating
Maximum Inflation Pressure
10 PSI
Maximum Bearing Capacity
1102 lb (500kg) (2 person floor) 1764 Ib (800kg) (4 person XL)
8.8*8.1*0.5 ft (2 person floor) 12*11*0.5 ft (4 person XL)
43.0 lb (2 person floor) 67.5 lb (4 person XL)
R Value