Acacia Co Inc. is Currently Recruiting for the Following Vacancy:


Job Title: Lead Localization Editor 


Job Duties:

  • Define brand story, brand voice, and brand style guide. Perform research and analysis of the brands, products, and target audiences. Identify and refine brand voices and values that resonate with the target audiences by creating brand stories, while promoting brand consistency across all marketing channels.
  • Create and maintain product information on e-commerce websites based on information from product managers. Write compelling product descriptions for outdoor product lines, including camping, outdoor power solution, and camping accessories while constantly refreshing the existing catalog of products. Stay informed about the content and localization strategies of the competition as well as cultural and linguistic trends in various markets.
  • Create and optimize localized digital media content across all marketing channels including press releases, social media posts, email announcements, ad copies, to suit the cultural nuances, language, and preferences of different target markets. Analyze the performance of localized content in different markets and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as engagement, conversion rates, audience feedback and provide feedback to improve effectiveness.’
  • Edit and localize the product packaging for sales to the Northern American Market. Review the product packaging and label in the original language to ensure compliance with regional requirements for packaging and labeling. Edit the packaging and labels in English proposed by the manufacturers. Convert product information provided by product managers into customer-facing, ready-to-ship materials, such as user manuals, product brochures, and warranty cards, within packaged products.
  • Exercise editorial oversight over Acacia’s written communications. Ensure the linguistic accuracy, fluency, and appropriateness of the localized content, ensuring it resonates with the local audience while maintaining the brand voice and messaging integrity.
  • Develop an overall localization strategy for the brand’s marketing efforts. Identify target markets, prioritize content for localization, optimize processes for efficiency and effectiveness, and ensure that the content remains culturally relevant and does not inadvertently offend or misrepresent the local audiences. 

Minimum requirement: Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistic, TESOL or closely related plus 3 years work experience as a localization editor, business editor or in similar positions.


Interested candidates, please send letter re qualifications to: